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Rockstar puppy raising program

This is a great option for families who are in the process of adopting a new dog, or own a puppy less than 5 months old. We start your new family member off with a solid foundation, preventing poor habits from developing and stopping current [poor] behaviors from becoming too ingrained.

Puppy Training


30-60-90-Day Puppy Raising Packages Available

About our Rockstar Puppy Raising Program

This program starts your pup’s new life with a solid foundation of respect, manners and obedience so that dog owners can start living the lives they’ve dreamed of, without the growing pains of potty accidents, crate destruction, developing bad habits, and chewed flip flops. 

 We offer continuous Structure, Leadership and Guidance to your pup for 30, 60, or 90 consecutive days. Staff will focus on the time-consuming repetitions required in initial foundation work and conditioning that the average owner cannot fit into a busy schedule. We focus on imprinting early behaviors in your pup geared towards your Lifestyle, teaching your pup Life Skills necessary to be a well-adjusted, balanced family member such as: Vet visit conditioning, Noise and Object Desensitization, how to be calm during grooming, Socialization, and much more.

​In this program, your dog will learn the training basics, including the following skills and commands under heavy Distractions, with Duration and Distance: 

  • Walk politely on leash with auto-sit

  • Sit with duration

  • Down with duration

  • Place with duration

  • Recall work

  • Respecting Thresholds (Doors and Exit/Entryways)

  • Kennel Up and Crate Training

  • Waiting for Food

  • Off-leash Training

This program includes:


Weekly Private Coaching Sessions during the dog's stay with us (owner comes to our location),

Weekend Sleepovers as our schedule permits,

1 Go-Home Coaching Sessions when the dog is ready for pick-up,

1 Follow-Up Private Coaching sessions at your home (within our 30-mile radius, a travel fee may apply outside of our radius), or at our location.

Terms & Conditions

Puppies must be less than 5 months old at the start of the program.

*Price does not include a Educator E-Collar – As puppy matures and if clients opt for it, we will purchase this for you during your dog’s stay and add it to the final invoice.*

Full payment due on/before the date of drop-off.

Refund Policy

Full refunds (minus $500 cancellation fee) are available 30+ days before the scheduled drop-off date.

50% of balance is refundable for cancellations between 15-29 days of drop-off date, no refunds available for cancellations made less than 15 days of the scheduled drop-off date.

During the coaching sessions, staff will provide the owner with the knowledge and skills required to continue the dog’s training. We will not only focus on the technical side of training but also on the leadership and state of mind aspects. We will teach the client how to troubleshoot any challenges that come up in the home and in the future.

Once the training program is completed, the dog is eligible to participate in pack walks, regular boarding, daycare, and other Client-exclusive services. All graduates of this program will also have the option of returning for a Refresher course.